ELECTION 2010: Parties ‘must ensure inclusive election campaign’


Political parties have been told to reach out to disabled voters in the lead-up to the general election, with campaigns that are “truly inclusive and representative”.

The call came after the prime minister, Gordon Brown, finally confirmed that the general election would take place on 6 May.

The disability charity RADAR warned parties that the 11 million people living with injury, ill-health or disability, and their families and friends, were “a very big constituency”.

And it called for political parties to pay attention in their campaigning to the housing crisis, the “scandalous” delivery of social care and disability-related poverty.

RADAR also called for: campaign literature to be available in alternative formats and easy-read versions; public meetings to be held in accessible venues, with induction loops and sign language available; and disabled supporters and activists to be included in their campaigning.

Phil Friend, chairman of RADAR, said: “Parties and candidates who make an effort to connect with people living with injury, ill-health or disability will be able to tap a rich seam of voters.

“There are 11 million of us. We live in every single constituency.  We can strongly affect the result in marginal seats, and so can our families and friends.

“We cannot be ignored or taken for granted by any party; if the politicians want our vote, their policies will have to address our concerns.”

8 April 2010

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