Baroness (Jane) Campbell: “I welcome John Pring’s weekly news update every Friday. His detailed, and above all accurate, line-up of current disability issues is a reliable source of information that I use to enhance – even at times to inspire – the work I do to champion disabled people and to combat discrimination in all of its forms. Long may it continue!”

Phil Friend, director, Phil & Friends Ltd: “My professional work means that I need to stay in touch with developments regarding disability issues. I’ve come to rely on the unique services provided by DNS. It is reliable, comprehensive and accurate. I can’t think of another news service that provides me with the professional support I need to ensure that I’m up-to-date and kept well informed.”

Stephen Brookes, coordinator, Disability Hate Crime Network: “We are living in very tough times, and it is important that disabled people and those DPOs who support them get fair and open representation and accurate, informed media coverage. In my involvement in the massive subject of Disability Hate Crime, I need to keep a clear and open mind and an accessible information resource to achieve real change, and John’s work through DNS is an absolute must in that aim.”

Anna Borthwick-Martin, head of business development and marketing, DisabledGo: “We have worked with John and DNS for several years now and have been thoroughly impressed with the service. The stories John provides are relevant and important to our audience and as a result are well received and popular. Having John working with us has enabled us to tap into expertise and capacity that we do not have in-house. The relevance and variety of John’s stories has enabled us to grow our reach, which in turn has created our own digital community.”