Atos nurse ‘lied’ about PIP claimant attending assessment alone


A nurse working for the controversial outsourcing company Atos Healthcare repeatedly lied about a disabled man he was assessing for the government’s new disability benefit it has been claimed.

The Atos assessor stated in his report that claimant Colin Stupples-Whyley had attended the personal independence payment (PIP) assessment alone, even though his partner David* had sat with him throughout the interview.

The couple, who arrived by car, had been accompanied by a friend, who stayed in the waiting-room, but the nurse claimed that Stupples-Whyley had travelled alone to the assessment in Barking on 5 June by public transport.

The allegations raise fresh concerns about the decision of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith to award two lucrative PIP assessment contracts to Atos, when the company had already been heavily and repeatedly criticised for its performance in delivering “fitness for work” assessments.

Atos was allowed to pull out of that contract early after activists pointed to links between the way it carried out the assessments, and relapses, episodes of self-harm, and even premature deaths among those being assessed.

But its performance on the two PIP assessment contracts in the two years since the new benefit was launched has plunged Atos back into controversy.

Only last month, Disability News Service (DNS) reported how the proportion of disabled people stuck in the queue to be assessed for PIP was more than five times higher in parts of the country managed by Atos, compared with those in areas managed by rival outsourcing giant Capita.

Stupples-Whyley, from Grays, Essex, has been able to prove that he was not alone at his PIP assessment by obtaining a copy of part of the Atos signing-in book under data protection legislation. The page shows his signature, as well as those of David and their friend.

Stupples-Whyley has agoraphobia, general anxiety disorder, depression, fibromyalgia, and diabetes, but he said the impact of these impairments on his day-to-day life was completely misrepresented by the assessor.

The report claims he was able to do sums and spell a word backwards, neither of which he said he was asked to do in the assessment.

He provided a long list of his diabetes symptoms, but the nurse simply wrote down “urinates a lot”.

He also had a panic attack during the assessment, but that was not mentioned in the nurse’s report.

Among other inaccuracies, the assessor stated in the report that a counsellor had diagnosed his mental health conditions, despite being told it was a psychiatrist.

Stupples-Whyley claims that the entire section of the form devoted to a physical examination supposedly carried out by the nurse was completely fabricated, as no such test took place.

The nurse repeatedly claims on the form that difficulties reported by Stupples-Whyley were “inconsistent” with the findings of his assessment.

As a result, he scored zero points on the test and was found ineligible for PIP, while the DWP confirmed that decision after he asked for it to be reconsidered.

Stupples-Whyley said the assessment was “very unpleasant” and that the nurse had become “very rude and disrespectful” after he learned that David was his civil partner.

He said: “The atmosphere was awful throughout and he was more interested in telling us why I wouldn’t get benefit. He would try and put words into my mouth, and he disputed anything I said.”

He added: “I went to the assessment very naive and trusting. I had asked to be seen first or last so that I didn’t have to wait in the waiting room with lots of people.

“When I arrived this had not happened, so I was already very anxious before we went in.

“I honestly thought I would have the assessment, they would obtain my medical records to verify what I had said, then they would or wouldn’t grant PIP payment.”

He now plans to insist that any future benefit assessment is recorded.

He said: “I have no trust in Atos or DWP at all now. I feel angry that lies have been told, I feel angry that DWP refused to even investigate Atos when I said the report was fraudulent.

“I feel hurt that the people I believed to be there to help people are in fact just a department that does everything in its power not to pay any money to claimants.

“I just never in a million years expected to be treated the way I have.”

Because of the experience, his psychiatrist has had to increase his mental health medication.

Stupples-Whyley said he had become “obsessed” with his PIP experience, which had left him determined to prove that he was not a liar.

He said he felt “huge relief” when he received the paperwork that proved all three of them had visited Atos Barking on the day of the assessment.

He said: “I have found the whole complaints process overwhelming. DWP take no responsibility and in a few days’ time it will be two months and still no response from anyone at Atos.

“The overall affect for me is that my world has just got even smaller, because now I do not trust government nor healthcare providers to have my best interests at heart, nor to act with honesty.”

He plans to appeal to a tribunal, and his MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, has written to Atos to request a fresh assessment.

Today (Thursday), two days after DNS contacted the company’s press office about his story, Stupples-Whyley was telephoned by Atos to inform him that his complaint was now being treated at the most serious level of internal inquiries.

He was told that he would be interviewed soon about his complaint, and was offered a reassessment.

An Atos spokeswoman only provided a comment on the condition that DNS did not name the nurse.

She said in the statement: “A complaint was received by us from Mr Stupples-Whyley a few weeks after his assessment. It has been thoroughly investigated and we have spoken to him directly.

“In the interests of fairness and transparency we have offered Mr Stupples-Whyley a reassessment.

“It is distressing for all concerned that Mr Stupples-Whyley is so unhappy about his assessment and we are sorry that this is the case. All complaints to us are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.”

But she has refused to confirm that the investigation is ongoing, if any disciplinary action has been taken against the nurse, whether the nurse is still carrying out assessments for Atos, and whether Atos accepts that Stupples-Whyley did not attend the assessment alone.

*Not his real name

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  • Samuel Miller

    Whistleblowers have provided credible evidence of benefit claimant stitching-up to the Work and Pensions Committee; this DNS story, therefore, needs to be brought to that Committee’s attention.

  • Angela M Mitchell

    Seems the done thing, tried to make out there was nothing wrong with the person I know, I saw the report and what the ‘nurse’ put, absolute bunch of blatant lies, ignored medical evidence that was handed over, didn’t ask the questions she should from the form, in fact, just did her own thing. Absolute disgrace! Pleased to learn this person appealed and has been awarded PIP backdated by a court of law. C an understand why folk just become overwhelmed though, its absolutely horrid how they treat the ill and vulnerable.

  • Leigh Lacey

    this happened to me also, i had to take my daughter with me and they lied and said i was alone i got all my information from them using the freedom of information and when it came through it was all lies,

  • jan hamilton

    cases like this you can and should report the person that did the
    assessment to the relevant medical body, this is why you should always
    get their position and medical number/.
    It matters not one jot who the employer is! If a nurse is employed to use his or her medical and nursing skills, experience and knowledge to formulate a clinical judgement on a client- not a patient- then they are BY DEFAULT using their NMC registration in the course of their work. If a nurses’ contract of employment with ATOS requires them to have an active registration in order to do their job- then they are FULLY SUBJECT TO THE RESPONSIBILITIES AND RESTRICTIONS places on them under the NURSES AND MIDWIVES CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. If they ignore, omit, delete or falsify ANY information- not just medical details- they can be REPORTED to the FITNESS TO PRACTICE committee of the NMC, and I would urge EVERY claimant who can PROVE this has happened to DO SO . IF A NURSE IS REPORTED FOR FITNESS TO PRACTICE under the Code of Conduct- THEY ARE IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED and NOT ENTITLED TO PRACTICE AS A NURSE UNTIL THEY ARE CLEARED AT A HEARING OF THE NMC FITNESS TO PRACTICE COMMITTEE. REPORT EVERY NURSED WHO MAKES EVEN THE SLIGHTEST MISTAKE AND PRETTY SOON ATOS WILL RUN OUT OF NURSES TO CARRY OUT THEIR ASSESSMENTS. ANY MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC CAN REPORT A NURSE TO THE NMC!! IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE CLIENT THEMSELVES- IT CAN BE A RELATIVE OR CARER! PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE AND HELP SCREW UP ATOS AND THEIR £115MILLION POUND BLOOD MONEY DWP CONTRACT!!!!

    • Alison Piearcey

      Them being suspended doesn’t help; ATOS routinely hires medical staff whilst they are under suspension. They get away with it because of the fiction of it being the DWP ‘making the decision’

      • Mwxxx .

        It doesn’t matter who makes the decision…
        Checkout – Fraud By Abuse Of Position – in the Fraud Act
        If they’re using dishonesty/omissions *”to expose another to a **risk** of loss”* – That’s Fraud.

    • Mwxxx .

      It doesn’t matter what qualification the quack claims to have… nurse, doctor, chiropractor, astrologer, plumber, shoplifter, jimmysavile…. whatever…
      Fraud Act 2006 (up to 10 years in prison)
      Misconduct in Public Office (atos/maximus/etc count , up to life in prison)
      Vulnerable Adult Abuse (longer sentances for the nonces)
      plenty of other criminal offences too

      *All* you need to do is to record the sickos and find an honest cop… LOL

  • Colleen Callinan

    You poor man how awful for you. I entirely understand. Had the same thing happen with my assessment. It seemed to go okay. It was held by a very young physiotherapist. My community psychiatric nurse fattened reassessment and so did my partner but he didn’t come in. When I received my copy of the report I was gobsmacked. Full of inaccuracies, land lets call a spade a spade here LIES! Worse I was able to prove each and everyone of them. My complaint to ATOS was over forty pages long and I addressed the report line by line. Outcome was, no apology, was taken off of support group and had an apparently miraculous recovery to look forward to in three months time. I took to all Tiers of Appeal. Whilst waiting it was decided that I should return back to Support Group ESA. However because of the difference in the benefit I had lost out on approx £400. By the time that had been sorted the tribunal ruled that the original.all report was correct and truthful and I was not entitled to the monies lost to be returned to me. However they conceded that I was back in the Support Group and surmised that I must have had a relapse. I cannot put into words what that period of time did to me. I had been doing supported permit work in a college but had to give it up. I can imagine your anger because I feel the same. I can’t believe that they are more the happy to allow a LIAR to continue i.e. working for them assessing our most vulnerable people with disabilities, long term illness, and mental health issues. I hope that you get the answers that you Ned. Good luck for the future. Colleen

    • Hi Colleen. Are you happy for me to use your case in a follow-up news story? Are there any other details that you could email me please? When the assessment was, and where?

      • Colleen Callinan

        Hi yes I have no problem with that but warn you that I have tons of paperwork to go with my case. I will have to go through my files and see what I can email you here would I email to please

    • CSW

      Hi Colleen, Thank you. I do not understand how they can justify keep discrediting professionals that know their patients far better than these assessors, who speaks to them for minutes. I can only imagine what you went through,especially when even the tribunal ruled the report to be correct. I hope you are feeling a little better now.

      • Paul C. Dickie

        As for the tribunal, all one can say is capita eorum erat plenis stercoris.

    • Paul C. Dickie

      If you lost money because of the lies in the report, you should try to get a lawyer who will act for free – “pro bono” – and sue the assessor directly.

      If such litigation is successful and becomes commonplace, then the assessors will have a good reason not to tell fibs.

  • GothBoyUK

    Nothing to be that shocked about. My report said I did “squats” in front of the assessor and “repeatedly climbed on and off the assessment couch without problems”. Not only is it impossible for me to squat but the assessor actually had to provide me with steps to get onto the couch and help (alongside another person) me lift me on and off.

    A Tribunal found it to be factually correct, even though I had a witness and statements from several specialists and doctors saying it could not have happened. Luckily, the report was completely dismissed by a Supersession requested by my MP. The whole system is obscene and bordering on corrupt.

    • Any chance of some further details re place and time via email please? Was this an Atos PIP assessment?

      • GothBoyUK

        It was an Atos ESA assessment via a ‘doctor’. I couldn’t find him listed on the publicly available medical practitioner records though.

        • Thanks…

        • Paul C. Dickie

          If he isn’t listed by the GMC, then he is not licensed to practise in the UK and he ought not to have been employed by Atos as that would be illegal.

          • GothBoyUK

            I believe that they allowed the Atos medical assessments to be done by non-registered persons because it is a ‘tick box exercise’. It’s similar to how Occupational Health Officers in councils only need to have done a week course in order to identify medical needs. They’re not diagnosing, just recording.

            As for why the Dr who saw me isn’t registered; it is possible that he wasn’t a medical doctor. He could be a retired PhD holder in any discipline but imagine how attractive it would be to Atos to trade on the Dr pre-nominal. They’d snap up a tick-boxer called Dr Something!

  • jewels55

    This sort of thing is the norm , when I had mine done I went to the centre with my daughter on the train as it only takes 15 mins I have diabetes, a chronic degenerative disease that has ruptured all but 2 discs in my neck, I have Arthritis in my lower back and nearly all my joints, high blood pressure, I have panic attacks and my medication makes me very disoriented im very claustrophobic and suffer from ocular migraine, so I can,t go out to places I don,t know by myself. it was May very pleasant day. I thought all went well, when I received my letter 2 weeks later to tell me id scored nil points !! I couldn,t believe it!! But the tissue of lies was unbelievable. Firstly they said I opened the door to the center with no trouble , I didn,t my daughter did! they went on to say I looked OK was clean and tidy obviously no problem dressing and washing, my bloody eldest daughter helps me shower before she goes to work I might be ill im not a smelly tramp !! Then the best one was I had no problem removing my coat, no problem with the buttons !!! I wasn,t wearing a coat, so i rang the dwp to ask for a re consideration told them it was all a pack of lies, I even phoned the center up and asked if they had cctv because I was told all centers have strategic distances and doors and suchlike that they are watching you before you even get inside the center, she said they did I asked if someone was to ask for a specific day and time could this be seen they said they didn,t know, but just knowing they were there was such a relief because there was noway they can tamper with the footage and it could prove I was not wearing any out door coat, jacket. There was nothing to indicate any of the responses Id given, thye also stated I had no problems getting on the couch They had to get me a step and she had to help me down!! Its a bloody farce the whole thing.

    • Could you email me any further details, please, as I’m working on a follow-up news story? Did you win your case at tribunal? When did the assessment take place? Was it an Atos PIP assessment?

    • phil

      Do you honestly think having cctv evidence will make the slightest difference to their lies. They will just put it down to human error as a result of the assessor being overworked

  • CSW

    I have reported the nurse to the nursing and midwifery council. I raised concerns With DWP as soon as I left the ATOS assessment, then wrote to them before I even got my decision letter. DWP have maintained throughout they are satisfied with the ATOS medical report despite me keep telling them it’s fraudulent and do not want to see my medical records. I got them anyway. It’s taken at least 7 letters to get a copy of ATOS fire book via DWP. In order to complain to the Independent Case Examiner , (which is a part of DWP) you have to have written responses from ATOS or/and DWP from Noel Shanahan. To date Noel Shanahan will not respond. After 2 months of silence from ATOS, they telephoned on Thursday after the reporter had contacted them and offered an investigation and new assessment. However the following day Friday I received a letter that had been sent first class , it claims the assessor made an error about my partner not being there, however his original report clearly states ‘ I was a young man sat in the waiting room alone’. The letter contains a lot of legal language but basically calls myself and my partner liars. It states repeatedly that the assessor has 8 years professional nursing qualifications, yet his public profile says differently to which I’ve printed off. In the letter he addressed my panic attack in reference to diabetes, for me the symptoms of a hypo are similar to a panic attack, it wasn’t a hypo and I was able to print the reading off, it was a panic attack yet the nurse describes the totally medically wrong information what someone would do and what he claims I did. The nurse says I took medication to treat my hypo, I wouldn’t be taking glucose lowering medication to treat a hypo (low blood sugar) it would be a sugary drink etc. So much for 8 years professional . He came from Nigeria and obtained a diploma in mental healthcare, he worked in housing for one year then a BME charity for 6 months, then there’s a 3 and a half year gap, so I assume unemployed then he was with a nursing agency from 2013. There is also what we believe to be evidence of tampering and the changing of answers on the ATOS report which we reported to the police as fraud. The assessor claims I walk my 5 dogs everyday by myself in the park, I never leave the bungalow alone, I don’t have a park and 4 of them a great big huskies there’s no way any of us could walk them alone. He wrote my counsellor diagnosed everything with regards to mental health and that I only suffer depression and anxiety 3 days a week. All of which is factually untrue. I’m still trying under data protection to obtain my telephone conversations and the cctv from ATOS. I will pursue my complaint as far as I can , but with no real governing body and the Independent Case Examiner being a part of DWP, I’m not expecting a positive outcome. I’m still waiting to hear from the Nurse and Midwifery council and I’m still awaiting a tribunal date. I’ve read many stories, articles and seen videos since my assessment and see this is happening to people all the time, so by telling my story to John at DNS I hoped it would spare others from the same experience. I totally agree with what’s been recommended and that’s record, document , copy everything.

    • Colleen Callinan

      Hi again. WOW it is stunning to read your story and others. Really The Government which part of “ATOS HP tell LIES” do you NOT UNDERSTAND”. This is unbelievable and outrageous but then again how many cover ups and unlawful practices have the Government secretly condoned because it suits their AGENDAS which usually involve making or saving money! You sound like me CSW a determined person. Only you have had even better ideas then me evidential wise. I never thought of the phone calls etc. I totally understand that you want it shown that you are not the LIAR in this. That was the most powerful motivator for me. Isnt it amazing how easily the populace will believe all the propaganda that is on the television and in the newspapers. They are happy to believe that we are all lazy, workshy, liars or frauds but unless they have or know someone who has experienced this they don’t believe how ATOS, DWP are acting. Still, there but for the Grace of God peeps. I originally worked for the Civil Service for seven years and it was a hard time in my life. The bullying culture within is very bad. I ended up three times in hospital because of it. I took them to an employment tribunal for Unfair Dismissal & Disability Discrimination as well as Bullying. The tribunal ruled in my favour or the first two and accepted that the bullying had happened. But because it had taken three years from start to finish they had to say the Bullying was out of time to rule on. But they acknowledged it had happened and that meant a lot to me. I accepted an out of court settlement but always regret that I didn’t go all the way so I could have outed them publicly for their actions. Still hindsight and all that and by that point I was poor unemployed and sick. With two sons and on my own. Since I kicked up a fuss with ATOS have also been accused of FRAUD. This happened just after I was placed Back on Support Group. It was horrible. Myself and my friend who does NOT live with me were accused of living together. The questions we were asked were so embarrassing and shameful. I mean the nitty gritty. Did we love each other, what were our future plans did we plan to get married and worse of all our sex life down to how often did we have sex a week. I know I sound incredible paranoid but I don’t believe any anonymous call was made and they did this on purpose because they want me off Support Group. CSW keep up the good fight man. John seems like a good bloke and I am happy for him to use my case in his evidence. Thanks for asking after me. I’m coping okay Colleen

  • Dean Stockton

    I put in a SAR (SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST) as soon as I got home from my PIP interrogation 8 days later I had the results of the assessment, enhanced on both parts, 14 days after that, a total of 21 days after the assessment, I got my SAR. It’s over a year since my assessment and I still haven’t read the file.
    I swore at the nurse 3 times the first before we got in the room because she said she would only allow one person in with me, the second was after the first question and the final time was when she asked me to hand my stick to one of the people with me, while stood up, she ended it and said to one person with me “I would be alright.”

    • carol Busby

      Morning Ive just got home from my assessment, i asked about a S A R, she didn’t know what i was going on about , she even asked other asses in reception, but no one knew. Were they kidding me or do i ask elsewhere? My assessment was ok i did become very stressed as i do when going through these, she seemed genuine and wasn’t nasty, my husband spoke up on a few questions as i forget and become confused, she didnt tell him too shut up or ignore him, st least thats how it seemed.Long wait now she said result could be 4 to 8 weeks?? …

  • Ant Lea

    In regards to a HP,whose company was subcontracted by ATOS,we are asking the DWP, due to the facts that miscarriages of justice are occurring. For anyone assessed at Newquay In Cornwall or ST Austell assessment centres between April 2014 until June 2015.

    If you scored nil or the tribunal put weight on the HP’s assessment. Due to the clear evidence we have,including cases,where Tribunal kicked out the assessment on to numerous cases, for their not to be blatant perversion of facts and therefore miscarriages of justice are occurring.

    WE are putting this evidence in the hands of the Archbishop these week. Requesting justice for those wrongfully assessed,financially impoverished and independence taken away and criminal investigations for malfeasance and Fraud.

    As a representative,working with applications. If any of us were to fill these out incorrectly, we would be charged for benefit fraud. Our clients would be charged for Benefit Fraud. Where are the differences here???

    This year this HP, without our intervention,would of stopped all of our clients receiving £87,000, which is their legal right as disabled and vulnerable award to live, without fear,prejudice and independently.

  • Gary Clarke

    How can they pull out of a DLA fitness to work contract and then be awarded 2 PIP CONTRACTS?????? Something bloody dodgy going on there

  • Andrew Willcocks

    I had to go to tribunal after an ATOS assessment which completely misrepresented my issues. I asked to know what qualifications the assessor had but this was ignored.

    • Hi Andrew. I’m working on a follow-up news story. Did you win your case at tribunal? Can you email me any further details please?

  • Nicola

    Always record, always complain if you have cause, always submit a Subject Access Request as soon as you’ve completed your assessment – whether it be for ESA or PIP.

    It’s good to get in the habit of recording every verbal communication with the DWP and its hangers-on (Atos, Capita, Maximus, etc.), as well as your local authority – and even GPs and consultants.

    I submitted a complaint to the NMC for a claimant (one of many over the last 2 years) and thought I’d ask what is done about such complaints. The NMC (unlike the GMC, which is an appalling organisation that always sides with the doctor) records all complaint – no matter how minor – and keeps them on the nurse’s record. I have heard – though not first-hand – that nurses with complaint like these will struggle to get work outside of the likes of Atos and dodgy care homes.

    • CSW

      I wouldn’t have been able to attend the assessment alone anyway, but I thought having someone with you is a safe guard , but clearly not, I read others have had medical people attend with them and the reports are still falsified. Other than 2 telephone calls that I am awaiting a copy of the cd from DWP, all other communications have been by email and post sent recorded delivery. I did request my SAR I got that a couple of weeks ago, I was able to see that my report was completed just over five and a half hours after my assessment. I’m waiting to hear from NMC and ICE. I will without a doubt be following your advice in future about recording.

  • Was it a trained , qualified nurse, or just someone described as a nurse? I find it hard to believe a registered nurse would risk his career by lying so consistently over something that had no point.
    Either way, I hope the truth comes out, and soon!

    • CSW

      The nurse is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, I have reported him, but am awaiting a response. Currently the Nursing and Midwifery Council website has 23 cases listed if you search the word ‘ATOS’. However not any of the complaints from what I read were in relation to ATOS Assessments, they were mainly to do with complaints before they started working at ATOS. There are a number of occasions where the council when placing restrictions on nurses working practice, advise them to apply for jobs at ATOS. Anyone can look this information up on their website. For me personally DWP currently insist a report that has been proven to contain a catalogue of lies, they claim they are satisfied with it, that discredits the 10 plus GPs, 2 counsellors, a child psychologist, and 37 different psychiatrists I have seen over the years and their diagnosis, I have read lots of other people have had the exact same thing happen to them too.

      • Thanks; it’s disgusting isn’t it?

  • lifewithoutpainhasnomeaning

    ATOS lied about an interview? Heaven forfend! Mine lasted 5.55 minutes, I’m obsessive about time, hate being late and always check when I enter or leave a room. Force of habit from a lifetime, and one that was triple reinforced my previous employer who time managed everyone within an inch of their lives. I was asked three questions, two of which required one word answers, was told my medical records answered all the questions they needed to know, and was then asked for a brief rundown of my week highlighting any issues. Totally perplexed by the lack of guidance as to what they what information they needed, I ran out of steam after a couple of minutes. I was then ushered out. When I was told I had (of course) failed the test scoring the usual ‘0’ for mental health issues, I was shocked to read the report which stated the interview had lasted 25 minutes, and a whole raft of questions had been asked! To say the least I was gobsmacked at this thick tome of utter fabrication.

    The ‘nurse’ was a former SEN (at least according to ATOS and the DWP) and was completely dis-interested in anything I had to say. In hindsight, it was like being in an assessment for ‘special treatment’, my fate had clearly been decided long before I stepped into that room, and my disability had no influence on the outcome whatsoever.

    • Could you possibly email me some further details for a follow-up news story? I’m going to put some of these claims together and go back to Atos. Did you appeal and win? And when did this take place?

    • phil

      When i asked for a mandatory review i enclosed a letter from my doctor. The decision maker informed me the assessor had already seen this and it had been taken into account. Fact i only hot the letter after the assessment. Fact nobody from ATOS of DWP have been in contact with my GP so how can the assessor have seen something that does not exist?

  • Ayr_United

    I won’t go into all the details but my interview lasted just under 10 minutes and the reason i know is that my daughter was outside in the waiting room as she said to me that was quick dad,anyway the lies that the doc said on my disability was terrible.
    But i done something that nobody has down before and used my mobile to tape our conversation, but to my amazement the DWP did not allow this they heard it and would not allow it as part of my appeal., just goes to show how corrupt these doctors and the DWP are.

    • CSW

      I think there’s a policy where it has to be a dual tape recorder that records simultaneously and with permission. I read that many people do record their assessments but thats a very valid point you have made about it not being allowed to be heard. Did the court let you play it or read the transcribe anyway ? Did you succeed in your appeal ?

      • Ayr_United

        In my appeal the 3 that was on the board would not even listen to it as they said i did not ask permission from the doc,but if i asked the doc then he would have done everything to perfection so it a catch 22,oh and i was not successful in my appeal.

        • Paul C. Dickie

          Regardless of the result of your appeal, you could have used the recording as evidence of malpractice in a complaint to the GMC.

  • Mwxxx .

    Well, it’s no change there then isn’t it.
    Yet again… google stuff like Fraud Act 2006, Misconduct in Public Office, Perverting The Course Of Justice, Vulnerable Adult Abuse etc. etc.
    Their ‘Appeals Tribunals’ only cover up their crimes.

    Things will only change when more people start calling them what they are – Criminal Abusers – and start demanding that the police start to do something vaguely resembling their jobs.
    That is what I’m trying to do, on my own, at the moment… Nothing but blind eye turning from my local police gang, so far…

    • CSW

      Obtaining the evidence of what you know is happening can be the difficult part I have found. So far I have written 68 letters and emails since I left the assessment centre. At the time of writing this I am still unable to get ICE to look at my complaint, which I note is a part of DWP anyway and also that ATOS owns KPMG that operates the complaints procedure of the NMC. I have read a great deal of stuff on the internet and read many posts but I have to experience it for myself and have the evidence for my complaint to have any chance to be taken seriously. So did you have an unsuccessful appeal ?

      • Mwxxx .

        Hi CSW,
        >So did you have an unsuccessful appeal ?

        Well, it’s been a steep learning curve… now I just report their crime and abuse to the police / local council / politicians… and let the dwp/atos/maximus criminals know that is what I am doing…

        Then the dwp/etc -bleeps- just crawl back under their rocks…
        … this time, after I’d reported their crimes, they just changed their minds about me having to attend their bs ‘assessment’ and put me back in their ‘support group’.

        And I get criminal, blind-eye turning “Wilful Neglect” of their “Public Duty” (perverting the course of justice with their misconduct in public office) from the rest of those police/local council/politician.. low life…

        As for ‘evidence’.. I could go on and on… record *everything* it’s totally lawful and completely admissible in any (honest) court. And record it *yourself*, that way you own the copyright and can publish it wherever you like.
        As for documents those criminals are, yet again, ignoring my Subject Access Requests… (the ICO is as corrupt as the rest of them)… :/

        As for advice…avoid most ‘campaign groups’. I haven’t seen one that does anything but parrot the dwp/etc rules/procedures…

        Probably because they’re ‘political’ crazies… The sort of people who think that sick criminal abusers can never ever do anything wrong… because they are Union members.. and “just following orders”.
        And I doubt that you’ll find a lawyer who will even acknowledge that criminal offences exist… unless you are able to pay them a lot of money.

        • Mwxxx .

          I published their latest crime and abuse online… there are lots of links to useful offences/laws there… but the comment seems to have disappeared (shrug)
          It’s at – phobosanddeimos dot net

          • Don’t worry. It hasn’t disappeared. I just haven’t had time to check it yet. It came up automatically for moderation. Will have a look now…

          • Mwxxx .

            Cool… thanks John…
            It’s ok the ‘dot net’ type link should be ok for most people 🙂

          • CSW

            Thank you for all the info, I’ll have a good read.

    • LadyWriter 1968

      When my husband was attacked three weeks ago in street by a driver that ran a red light, I rang 999 at time of it and was told was no police available to come out. next day some one came took statement and we have been messed around ever since by the police. I guess if they cant even be bothered to come out to attacks I guess we wont get much from them with these issues either. The entire system sucks.

  • Paul C. Dickie

    “Stupples-Whyley said the assessment was “very unpleasant” and that the nurse had become “very rude and disrespectful” after he learned that David was his civil partner.”

    If that is not actually illegal, it damn well should be!

    That assessor should be locked up in a gaol that has especially slippery soap in the communal showers. I am sure the experience could broaden his outlook.

  • Terry McElligott

    I remember a very similar experience with the work related assessment I undertook in Canterbury, Kent by the ATOS nurse/Heathcare Professional there. I was already on Incapacity Benefit and was being migrated onto Employment Support Allowance at the time. The examination, or Work Related Assessment as they like to look at it was very stressful and I was left feeling so extremely stressed afterwards that I was considering ending it all. I got no help from anybody, including our local Citizen Advice Bureau, which only just got around to taking my details but nothing was followed up on. I was on my own trying to cope, not only with everyday things but with the worries of the dreaded DWP forcing me to comply with their unreasonable instructions or lose my benefits. ATOS kept making me appointments for early mornings (with the threats I would have benefits stopped if I didn’t go) that I travel 50 miles to my assessment, which I kept refusing as there was no way I could. My Doctor even wrote a letter explaining why but they ignored it. Eventually they did relent when I told them I had found out online that they are not allowed to make a claimant travel that far. Canterbury was much closer in any case but still an ordeal for me. I thought after the examination that they had probably told the nurse to fail me in spite ! But since, I have read of many hundreds of others who have had the same treatment from ATOS nurses.

    I won’t go into all the different disability issues I have or the great amount of medication I take to keep me alive as that is not what is important here, but this is my untold testimony.
    The main thing that got me was the pain the nurse left me in after her examination and the lies she told in her report. She had in fact abused me, I hadn’t even realised this at the time but I do now. She had me take items of clothing off – not allowed. Physically forced my legs up in the air – not allowed. The nurse had told me that refusing to bend over and touch my toes would be recorded as a refusal to cooperate ! I just can’t do that though. She put in her report that I refused, when in fact I had actually tried to bend as far as I could, which wasn’t far, and definitely not far enough for her even though she could see I was in pain. She hadn’t mentioned either that they are not supposed to ask you to do anything that will cause you pain or discomfort ! I didn’t know that at the time either. And also, most answers I had given as a NO she had recorded as a YES, this among’st other irregularities in her report.

    I was shocked and amazed to be told by the DWP that she had scored me zero points and she had actually added that she recommends that I return to work in the short term, meaning immediately ! I assumed the DWP had got my papers mixed up with somebody else’s but they told me they hadn’t. I refuted about 90% of the report. It took me several weeks to get all my evidence together and send my appeal to the Tribunal and then 11 months of waiting on reduced benefits for my turn to arrive, but it was all worth it in the end. The tribunal judge spoke with me then explained immediately that I should of passed on several accounts but only needed to pass on one account. I was so relieved that they looked on it this way and somebody actually believed me other than my own doctors and consultants, even though it was obvious just to look at me. I had worked it out that I should have managed at least 50 points in the report when you need to achieve just 15.

    I saw a programme on TV not long after my ordeal by an undercover reporter that blew IDS’s lies out in the open about his department. There is a quota that ATOS has to get in order to receive payments. IDS lied about this saying it was untrue. The whole system is inherently designed against the claimant succeeding. It is wrong and inhuman.

    I am amazed again to read that ATOS still holds a licence to manage PIP claims with further examinations. They should be halted immediately.

    All this has been made much worse by the media and newspapers shameful reporting on people claiming of the state. Just to make a point about all their publicity; 0.7 % of all benefit claims are fraudulent, which is wrong of course but miniscule in comparison to what our MP’s, ministers and bankers have stolen through fraudulent claims. It seems that the poor and vulnerable are under so much investigation that they are made to feel guilty for claiming what is their statutory right, while the real criminals are the one’s in charge of this Country.

  • Susan Elizabeth Henderson

    i also had my assessment as soon as i walked in that door it was as tho i was already judged all my questions were about physical can i read can i communicate of course i can its my mental status that i have suffered with for yrs my partner always attends with me i was glad that n arriving there was no one in waiting room so felt a bit relaxed but before attending i double dosed on my pills for my anxiety and must admit needed a few vodkas before leaving the house i am physicaly sick before leaving but once in room felt uncomptable my partner is my carer and he gives me my tablets i am a self harmer and done umteen suicide attempts some days are just so unbearable but at interveiw i was told not to look at my carer for advice and when asked other questions like how often do u bathe i give her my reply and the look was is it u CANT be bothered i am sorry for ranting i was diagnosed with personality dissorder and cant express myself in the right way and find it hard to talk face to face i never leave my home unattended yet scored 0 points i am on esa in a support group yet none of my mental health questions were asked the lady said i had good eye contact and showed no signs of anxiety but she hardly looked at me she just typed away just because i looked like i wasnt freaking out didnt mean i wasnt sick inside but to be spoke to like a child i felt like she had something against ppl with mental health disorders oh she did state a fact her daughter has personality dissorder also there for she should know how yr personality can change by the hour hope you understand were im coming from like i say not very good with words but i try. this has left me feeling more ill than usual my mood swings have become worse again i realy feel like there is no hope my daughter keeps saying mam dont even contimplate what i know yr thinking x

    • Hi Susan, would you be able to drop me an email please? My address is near the top of the page. John

  • RedFoxglove

    Is this not all just par for the course? My ESA assessment, I had a panic attack the second I walked into the room. My request for a female assessor had been ignored, which made matters worse. The assessor was hostile from the off, and got increasingly irritated and angry when he couldn’t hear my responses because I was hyperventilating so badly. He made no attempt to aid me, and just treated my illness like an attempt to be difficult. Halfway through, he said there was no point in continuing and told me to just go home. By then I was in such a state that the *security guard* pursued me down the road, because *he* was concerned for my safety!
    When I got the results, it was lies from beginning to end, but the gist of it was: No ESA. You were well enough to attend the appointment – you’re well enough to work.
    I won it at appeal. Support group, no less. I haven’t been reassessed in quite a while. People need to be aware of the clause that says, that if assessment is likely to be detrimental to your health, they will decide the claim on paperwork alone! Put it on the form. Strangely (hah!) they don’t like to advertise this.

  • Miss T

    This happened to me, he was completely.predujice against me because of horrific trauma that I have been through involving child abuse and trying for years to get a paedophile arrested, who is now in prison. He’d googled me before and started telling me that he’d read that I.protected a child abuser!!! He’s read that nowhere because that never happened, police protected him, I kept reporting him.
    The day after my assessment I logged a complaint with Atos but they didn’t send me a complaint pack and I ended up having to email it days later. The day after I sent that email I got a decision letter from DWP, he had Marked zero on every score even though I gave him letters from doctors and hospital and doctors had written that they’d seen swollen painful joints, and he said I can walk more than 200metres, I can’t even make it to GP appointments two doors down sometimes. After my assessment I had a very bad attack, my hands and feet swelled I couldn’t move off the sofa, I had to cancel the next day’s rheumatology appointment for a steroid booster injection because the medication hasn’t kicked in yet, so now I’m suffering even more with pain :(. I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and only venture out to appointments if I have to and can make it without pain, this experience has set me back even further. Who are these people that are meant to be “health workers” and we’re supposed to be able to trust, how many more people have been prejudiced against because of their sexuality or lies invented in the assessors own head?

  • Grugz

    Having read the stories and comments on here I must say how much I am looking forward to my home based assessment on Monday! I suffer from depression/anxiety and have for many years due to stress at work mainly through a bullying colleague (funnily enough a nurse) I am now laid up with a prolapsed disc which through the lack of mobility and pain caused me to get multiple blood clots in my lungs which could have and probably nearly killed me.
    I used to walk everywhere and hate being limited and will do too much and suffer for it as a result. My wife also has disabilities as well as a neurological condition and has had to look after me which I am supposed to do for her meaning she has suffered more and been in more pain just trying to keep the house clean.

  • Kim Âû Dix

    they lied on my ex husbands report, and they missed bits out on mine, it may be that you can go to places you know or have been to before but that doesnt mean you can go everywhere on your own, or that going somewhere on your own doesnt have its own consequences, after my assessment that i didnt know i could get an advocate to attend with me, isnt it funny no one tells you that until its after the assessment or that there are charities that will provide you with an advocate if you need it, and social services actually told me that offering me help was not part of their job, and refused to help for over a year, and i have my tribunal this week because important information was ignored,

    • phil

      I told them that when i visit family then i arrange for a family member orva friend to meet me. But if i go to an unfamiliar place then i areange for someone to accompany me. The decision maker has stated that when i travel in unfamiliar places i arrange for someone to meet me. Can these people read or do they just pick out words then make up sentences to verify their incompetence

  • CSW

    Just a quick update, I won my Appeal at court and was awarded 25 points, enhanced rate and standard rate and it fully back dated to January. I’m still pursuing my complaint through DWP and ATOS’s process, its taken almost 6 months for ATOS to finally signpost me to ICE (Independent Case Examiner operated by DWP). The final response from ATOS contains factual medical inaccuracies, general inaccuracies and untruths and has been written by ATOS’s Legal Department.

    They still claim that their report is fit for purpose, despite me advising of my court appeal outcome.
    Atos still fully support the assessor Mr Yele Wale Ige 100% and find no wrong doing on his part. I had two investigators from ATOS visit me at my home, we both recorded the interview, however when you read ATOS’s final letter it’s as though no-one has even listened to the recording. An example of this the recording clearly has the investigators see our 5 huskies and they agree that I would not be able to walk all 5 everyday by myself as claimed by Mr Yele Ige, yet this is completely ignored on the letter and they stand by the fact they claim I said I did walk them.

    Although a minor thing, the letter was emailed to me which meant I was able to see the date it was created and edited, this was 3 weeks after the date they claim to have written it, just another example of their dishonesty. Due to the fact that ATOS say that they are taking no further action against the assessor Yele Ige at Barking PIP Assessment Centre, personally I would refuse to be seen by him again, he is a very dishonest man. I’m still awaiting a response from the NMC since June.

    • peter mc dade

      Good luck with NMC. They use KPMG for auditing, which is owned by Atos . Most cases involving Atos and NMC don’t seem to be actually about complaints raised by people who have been “assessed” and NMC seem happy to “park” nurses by limiting their practice to Atos.

      • CSW

        Thank you for your reply, yes, i’m expecting their response to be that similar to ATOS’s, as do I with ICE’s response, but I’m determined to see my complaint through as far as I can. Shocking isn’t it that a person cannot be deemed fit to work with people to improve their health and therefore their quality of life in hospitals etc , but is deemed fit to work to write medical reports that DWP use to determine somebody’s financial assistance and therefore quality of life.

  • Bea

    Having read everyone’s comments, I feel some relief that I’ve not been singled out for the atrociously poor procedures and treatment I’ve suffered which began with ATOS (and their MANY lies!)!
    The appalling procedures/treatment I’ve experienced has escalated through to my appeal and the follow-ups are still ongoing. I originally claimed PIP in Feb 2015. It’s now more than 10 months later and I’m sick of fighting the rejections.
    I now desperately need a hand as the paperwork has become overwhelming and complex. I suffer terrible brain fog due to my epilepsy, plus I suffer chronic pain and type 1 diabetes.
    I can’t handle this alone any more, I don’t know where to turn and it feels like the odds are deliberately stacked against me because of what began with ATOS, then followed by the DWP decision, plus the Judge and her associates at the appeal (I wasn’t “allowed” to present my evidence – and it was too intimidating to ask).
    I’m not a legal expert but feel as if I should be because it’s all too complex for someone like me. My constant ongoing confusion (due to my brain fog) means it’s impossible to get by on a day to day basis.
    I’m waiting now for Social Services to try and find me an Advocate, ie someone to help me present my case who understands and appreciates what’s what. I haven’t slept properly in months. The worry is overwhelming.

  • Janet

    I had an atos assessment 3 yrs ago for esa after being on incaoacity benefit for 17 yrs. The assessor who reluctantly told me he was a nurse after initially saying he was not under obligation to divulge that information when I had asked what professional status he had, fabricated 75% of my medical report . the whole interview was a,nightmare. He wrote I would be fit to work within the year . considering I had been ill for 17 yrs and had gradually got worse clearly fell on deaf ears. I was put in the wrag so had to endure appealing. My appeal was successful and i was placed in the support group. I made three complaints over the phone about this individual and was advised to put in writing I started to but had been thrown back so badly with the face to face horror I just couldn’t get on with it.

    I am currently having to fill the forms in again ! Just hoping i am not called for the face to face interrogation again. It would be maximus this time apparently.My health has further exacerbated but who will care? On top of this I have also received a letter to apply for pip as dla is ending. All this having I’ll and disabled people jumping through hoops is humiliating and breaks your spirit as we all know. Time there was something that treated people with more respect and dignity. But it is government led and protocols so what do we expect .!

    Atossers never was fit for purpose .

  • Celia

    I had an atos assessment last month for pip after a transmetatarsal midfoot amputation in 2013. My PIP finished last month so I had to have another atos assessment. The first one in 2014 was bad enough but this one was even worse. I asked for my notes from DWP from the atos assessment and discovered the nurse has lied about a physical examination I didn’t have and said I can crouch to the floor and stand up again which I was not asked to do and cannot as I have no right forefoot and wear carbon fibre plates which do not bend. She put the lower left limb as being worse throughout the report instead of the lower right limb and rushed through the assessment typing on the computer. She has omitted lots of things I told her about my diabetes and vision and said I could raise my legs from lying down which I was not asked to do. There was no couch in the room. She assumed I can walk from 50 metres to 200 metres repeatedly and as required, I was asked how long I can walk for and I said a few minutes but I walk slowly and with pain and have to keep resting. I cannot even stand up without an orthosis because of the state of my right foot, a severe strep B infection left me without 4th and 5th metatarsals altogether and stumps of 1st, 2nd and 3rd metatarsals and all the side of my foot was debrided leaving it hollow, I don;t have any feeling in it now and cannot keep my balance. I have only scored 4 points for mobility now, in 2014 I got 12 points so I have lost my PIP. The same day I received the notes about my atos assessment I also received a letter from DWP confirming atos decision saying I can appeal, I did this before in 2014 and now I have to do it all again.

    • phil

      At my assessment things that were said were not in the report. Things we never talked about were in the report and things that were written were a twist on what was actually said.

  • phil

    If we lied on our application form or at the assessment it would be a whole different scenario

  • Nock

    I also had an assessment and was scored 0 points . I have renal cancer and 3 other conditions which are all considered as covered under the disability act . At the assessment the first thing the lady said to me was i do this because my mum is disabled and i want to make sure i weed out out people who dont deserve it. She then laughed and made light of my situations and disability and a number of times called me a little trooper and star but sat with her back to me. I appealed and went to a tribunal and had over 200 pages of medical evidence and 3 supporting letters from different surgeons and consultants and proffesor. And was told at the tribunal that they were sorry but all the evidence couldnt be excepted. The tribunal allowed me for eight months to send them more and more procedure reports medical treatment and supporting letters which they asked for to support my claim they photocopied and sent it back to me and the dwp at no point over the period did they send any evidence back to me and say it couldnt excepted. I no now that the whole system is floored Im an ex vetran and worked all my life never claimed a penny off the state i do understand that their are a lot of people who cheat the system but they tar everyone with the same brush the whole system is dodgy the lowest bidder wins the contract for the assessments and the ceo of that company and someone at the dwp have a off the record conversation and say we want a low pass rate im sorry but having disabilities is hard enough but to be treated like this is a disgrace how these people sleep at night is beyond me.

    • phil

      The lowest bidder gets the contract then when they realise how gullible our government is the cost suddenly doubles and our government is stupid enough to pay it. They employ an American company who have a bad record in their own company for fraud.

  • phil

    Just wondering if anyone has read the equality act and the interpretation of a disability? Just google equality act there are some interesting points

  • phil

    Assessor… can you get from a to b
    Me… what is a to b
    Assessor ..from ur home to town
    me… yes i can manage that i normally get a taxi.
    Decision made … can plan and follow route of a journey unaided.

    Yes i come out of the door and get in the taxi

  • AndrewB26

    I almost lost £300 a month because my assessor tried to skip questions that she knew applied to me and she wrote things on my report that simply aren’t true

    I am severely sight impaired but I didn’t have my certificate of vision impairment yet so i had to go to the assessment center rather than them coming to me, I asked for an audio recording which they failed to provide and was made to sign my signature later this would be used against me in my report, i could see well enough to sign my signature she put even though you can’t take your assessment with out signing your signature

    the first indication something was wrong was when i was asked how I prepare food and I told her that I don’t have the money to buy specialist equipment yet so I rely on assistance otherwise I can’t cook, she said i could use an aid and put on my report that I use an aid (2 points)

    She asked me how I Plan and follow journeys and i told her that I can manage routes which I am familiar with as long as I don’t have to take public transport but can’t follow a route I am unfamiliar with without another person, she put Can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided and that I arrived at the assessment center alone I didn’t (0 points)

    Then she asked if she missed any questions and i told her that she hadn’t asked me the Reading question, this is when she got defensive and told me she hadn’t missed the question it didn’t apply to me and that it was a cognitive question and asked me if i knew how to read which I replied yes but I can’t because i cannot see the words on the page anymore which she replied it doesn’t matter its not a physical question and asked me if i knew braille and if it was something I would be willing to learn to which I said I don’t and would learn it but it takes time to build up sensitivity in your fingertips so i can’t currently learn it

    I knew this was complete rubbish and said so someone that can’t read because they cant see the words get 0 points but someone who was dyslexic would get 8 points and she said yes, I told her that this wasn’t the interpretation and that I had talked with rnib and that if she was indeed right that would mean that a visually impaired person could never get the daily component of PIP, she put nothing for the question apart from that i was unwilling to learn braille which explain wasn’t possible for me to learn yet so i got 0 points

    she also asked me if I knew how to drive and I said yes but I cannot legally drive and on my report she put can drive and does drive

    in total I got 2 points, I phoned up DWP asked for a reconsideration spoke to a decision maker explained everything in the same way I did to her

    was awarded standard daily (10 points) and standard mobility (8 points)

    I didn’t get the right amount of points but at this point I decided to take it and reapply once i got my certificate of vision impairment as i should be on the enhanced rate of daily

  • carol Busby

    Morning, I’m a dummy as before today ive never heard of a Subject Access Request is PLEASE..

  • Teresa

    I recently had my PIP assessment through ATOS in Salisbury. I requested a copy of his report. He lied and said had transferred from chair to bed independently when in fact I used my crutches and handed them to him and he had to give me them back when physical examination was completed. Also asked how I got to doctors appointments advised I had to drive as 10 minutes away be car and that went alone. …he has said that advised would go on my own to doctors and was observed walking with a limp at slow pace that can walk more than 20 meters. (Omitted fact use crutches again and fact drive to GP despite stating this in earlier section of report.)

    If this is how decision maker rules will lose my car and be reduced to lower rate of care.

  • dawn sanford

    can anyone tell me if the pip medical assessments are on cctv or videod by atos, As i have just had my copy of my assessment through and there are so many lies in it,i hope its recorded so i can prove this

    • LadyWriter 1968

      A very good point, at mine I did see camera’s in there but whether they keep it or not once failing us all at assessment I dont know. But it could be very good evidence of a failing scamming system against sick people

  • Pete Pete

    I to have not long had a PIP medical. With a bad experience. I took most of my evidence with me except my medication list, on which I tried hard to remember what the names was of them. I also took with me evidence of a old MRI scan date that I had to rebook for a new daye as my health prevents me from just going on the date/dates they wish me to, also my doctors letter stating what the medical terms were of my condition, but on getting them out to tell, show her, the PIP medical helper she just brushed them off stating “I don’t need them” on which I read on the ATOS page for things to bring with you to a medical was infact MEDICAL EVIDENCE. So, a blooper even before we began the medical. She stated that I speak clearly, understanding everything, on which all she did was twist the words coming out of her mouth, debated every answer I spoke back to her. On the medical notes that I sent off for – for the whole medical it mostly was all a lie, stating that I: speak clearly and understood everything I (she) was saying, when I did not, as of her constant annoying speaking over me. Also stated that my vertigo problem as: “Has vertigo” and nothing more, when I have had a much bigger problem with it. Also all my other problems I have were vastly exaggerated, including the physical test on which I really struggled with, thus could not do hardly at all.

    I find it funny how asylum seekers get full rates with no medical background and we are just treated like dirt under ATOS’s feet!

    I will NOT rest until I get a positive decision as I am still waiting well over a week for my letter on which they would not tell me over the phone what the decision was as they stated: oh sorry, the decision making team have reached a decision, but as they are at a different office we can not see what the decision is, so please wait for a letter.

    What is more worse is that I was on DLA up until January the 14th roughly, my 1st PIP form arrived, I sent it back roughly on November the 8th, then no word until December the 16th stating that no form had arrived to them yet (I was fuming) and stated that I had sent it and that the woman who works at the local post office would verify that I had sent it, but PIP did nothing, only to send me “another PIP form to fill in” which never arrived at all, until someone else stated that on roughly December the 29th in a phone call to me, why have you not sent it back? I stated I have NOT received anything yet, they stated: you only have very little time now, so they sent a 3rd form that reached me on the 14th January roughly, but by that time, sadly, PIP sent me out a letter stating, sorry you are not intitled to DLA anymore as you have taking so long to send back the PIP form. I was devastated and so scared as I used all my DLA to help my mum, to pay for her to go and buy me things, food etc etc on which she is ill too, so yes, that makes me feel damn right awful too. So, I filled in the 3rd form that did turn up, and all PIP stated to me over the phone was, when I lost my DLA, oh, you’ll get all your PIP back dated, I thought in my head, oh what a darn relief NOT! do they just do not care? Yes! they do not care, how the heck was I supposed to get food and clothes and personal items now.

    For 4 months almost this has dragged on and I am now financially ruined, maxing out 3 credit cards, had to get 2 personal loans from Morses Club/Provident and I am mentally wasting away.

    Thank you DLA/PIP/ATOS for all the lack of care you have done to me and many others out there, we are the one’s that need it the most!

    • Deirdre Shaw

      You say “asylum seekers get full rates with no medical background”. What is your evidence for that? It worries me when people make unsubstantiated accusations like this. It is not useful for people from different vulnerable groups to behave like this towards each other when, in fact, they have far more in common with each other than they have with authorities who seek to discredit them.

  • Migz

    I too have had my claim turned down, and I and waiting on the reconsideration. I have a copy of my Atos report and it is full of lies about me too. This is an utter disgrace, in 3 weeks time if the decision is not overturned, I loose my motability car which in turns makes me house bound and ends any kind of independence I had. I also loose half my income and I dont know how I will ever make ends meet.
    My health is rapidly going downhill and I am in a constant state of anxiety at the moment due to the stress and worry alk this is causing. I had been recieving DLA for about 15 years, so obviously I need the help, but now apparently, according to Atos and their bunch of pathalogical liars, there is hardly anything wrong with me… whoo hoo, its a miracle, I’m cured, cured of conditions that have no cure, Atos miracles strike again.
    I am so sick if being treated this way by my own country, but then we are under a conservative government and regardless of what they say, they are not interested in the old, sick or infirm, they would rather we all die, their policies are nothing short of 1938 nazi propagander, and oh look Atos are the SS. It scares me where this country is going with its austerity policy, I am seriously considering asking another country for asylum as my own government is percecuting me.
    I have read that with help from your local Mp, thats provided you want to trust them, the DWP can be made answerable to the Parlimentary Onbudsman, though I need too look into this further. The UN can also be contacted because what Atos are doing is infringing our hunam rights with these bogus medicals. By writing false information on their reports, this is also forgery and fraud, which the last time I knew, was a crime.
    I am looking forward to the tribunal, as I expect for the decision not to be turned over, but I am not leaving it there, I am so disgusted at how I have been treated, I will take this as far as I can, though it may well be the death if me, I will fight them.

    • john dougal

      I had my pip interview 3 weeks ago and all they wrote was lies got my letter telling me I had lost my d l a higher rate due to information from my g p they made their decision which is lies they never even contacted my g p I have 5 stents in my heart plus numinous other health issues how can those people live with them selfs I’ve appealed my case g p writing letter to d w p so God willing I will win my case thanks

    • john dougal

      Well done good on you I will be doing the same I got my d l a letter 1 week before I got a t o s letter telling me I was getting my d l a indefinitely then 3 weeks latter I get took off

    • LadyWriter 1968

      well done I am doing the same, put my story above, my assessor lied on mine to, she made me out to DWP that I was some kind of fit sports star so of course I have failed, when in fact I am in agony all of the time and need help. After reading these comments seems to me that the assessors are fraudulent. Do they get bonuses for failing so many I wonder. As that way the government have not got to pay sick people then.

  • carol Busby

    Disgusting, nothing surprises me any more. I also expected to have to appeal, but I got my decision last week and have been awarded pip , but there are a couple of decisions im not happy with as I only got lower care when I should of got higher, I was 2 points to low …im considering asking for this to be reconsidered. The report said I could wash on my own and my grip was average when its terrible ive considerable swelling in my hands… Im unable to complete any daily household task at all. I feel for this chap I heard of people recording there interview because they wanted proof of what was said as they to had lies in there reports, but not to this extent.. If there is any leadership at ATOS or within the government they should walk away or have there contract stopped a new company and not Capitia as they are just as bad if not worse..
    I was previously a civil servant, until my condition worsened to the point that I needed a wheelchair and stronger meds at this time I was bullied and threated so that I would accept medical retirement My senior management actually told ATOS they wanted me to retire..i gave up and walked away with the acceptance of medical retirement I was 43 yrs old.i advise this chap don’t give up fight them all the way and this nurse needs to be sacked asap..
    good luck Colin.
    Regards Carol

  • Hums

    I went to the consultation centre with my parents at barking and the person who interviewed me was really rude and disrespectful to my mum saying to not interrupt and listen I was gonna get annoyed as well and since I have ASD I get so angry often and they tried me that day and when I got my results regarding my claim on the PIP, they put me as 0’s and said I won’t ever get it. They would ask questions that were personal and they assumed that I didn’t look ‘anxious’ and they said I gave eye contact when I don’t and I never give eye contact to people I don’t know and they assumed that I did. I am going to uni this year and I don’t know how I will fund for my degree without my DLA or PIP now that I am no longer to get it. Please tell me how I will be able to get benefits because I have a small part time job and I need to pay for my bill as well so some help will be great and I need to know which benefit to apply for please! I’m in need of help ASAP! Please and thank you.

  • LadyWriter 1968

    I had a consultation a couple of weeks ago and am fuming and now appealing and will take it as high as I can, everything I told the assessor and then she has put the complete opposite to everything single thing I stated. I put in a report stating she has lied about my assessment. Because of her lies I scored zero on everything. My husband was with me so he is witness to this. She asked me lots of questions they even got a medical report from my gp about my condition and I gave her extra information as well and when I contacted DWP and a manager phoned me back she informed me that half the information I gave to the assessor they dont have there, so of course I have failed it. I could not believe how cruel these assessors can be. She was all nice to my face but all the time not putting down what I had said. When I saw the report I was not surprised that I had failed. I advise anyone to take it as high as you can and keep keep pushing all the time and never give up with this, they are treating us all like S””””” and its out of order. I have made a complaint about her and also appealed the decision and now have to send in my evidence again of to which she never bothered to do so, these assessors are useless.

  • LadyWriter 1968

    I agree they are treating us all like s”””” I failed due to an assessors lies on my report, I have put my story above. I will take it as high as I can and push until they get sick of me. I am very angry and determined with this. I will be a boil on their arses until they look into it.

  • LadyWriter 1968

    I did comment but cant see it on here now. Will re post, it it turns up again sorry for repeat. I had an assessment a couple of weeks ago and was turned down to. The assessor lied on my report about every question she asked me, she put down complete opposite to what I told her. She pretended to my face she was kind and nice when all the time the scheming so and so was writing different on my form that she made me out to sound like a fit sports star. When I am in agony all of the time and need help. My husband is witness to this as he came in with me and even told her how he has to help me. They had my doctors report and I gave her extra evidence and when I phoned DWP the manager had told me that they had not received the parts I mentioned to them from the assessor. so of course I scored zero on everything. Its disgusting the way they are treating people and I have made a complaint against her and also appealed, after reading so many failures for this benefit PIP, it seems to me that the entire system along with their assessors are the ones who are scamming the sick people out of the help we all need. Are they getting a bonus to do this so the government dont have to pay us anything. It seems to me there are more appeals for this then there are people actually receiving it. I will keep pushing until I get somewhere and take it as high as I can. I am actually fuming angry because she actually lied on my form, of course I would score zero with DWP after what she put down on it. I advise anyone to fight this its totally disgusting the way they treat sick people.

    • Pearl Bramwell

      So true, every word. Evil people employed by evil people.

  • Jo Cole

    Keep an eye for media this week. I have raised this issue far and wide because of how discriminatory it is. The standard DWP statement reads like a clip from a fiction novel. People are entitled to appeal … even that is stacked against you. The appeal process is currently lasting 9 weeks, time enough to wave good bye to car, blue badge and any accessibility. The system gives you no rights at all.

  • Vortex Spinner

    Why is Atos still running? They are the biggest bunch of evil lying scumbags that have crawled out of the Conservative slime. They use delay tactics when you are requesting a home visit and then completely lose your details so as everything resets itself, bringing you right back to the start, requiring another doctor’s letter. A word of advice. Don’t Fax your details to these sadists. Send them recorded Waaaay before the deadline. They seem to lose anything faxed. I can’t find words to describe these creatures. In my opinion.The closest would be NAZIS.

  • Owen Blues Man Badham

    This has happed to me and my partner too. Assessor completely fabricating information, lying about the physical test (our assessor stopped the test because ‘I can see your in too much pain’ then claimed we stopped the test for no reason half way through).
    We had planned to record the assessment (as we had been able to with a Dictaphone and laptop to make copies previously) only to discover that Atos will now only let claimants record their session if they have a recording device capable of making simultaneous records (2 tapes at a time) such as is use in POLICE CRIMINAL INTERVIEWS. This recording equipment cost thousands of pounds and is unobtainable to the majority of those claiming PIP/ESA.
    So now its my hand written notes versus what Atos have said and they are straight up lying!

    • Yazmin Shah

      se note:

      Argos do audio recording devices at 19.99 each….you’ll need 2 of these. Audio cassettes are 10.99 from maplins for a pack of five. In total you pay £51 to be able to record your PIP assessments. Worth every penny…..

      Good luck to you all….


    This happened to me too, they are all liars and corrupted, even NHS medical care. My MP has written to them also and is still waiting for their reply. UK has gone.


    Next time I will bring my friend to record the whole assessment until I can afford to buy my own camcorder and tripod. Atos twisted everything that I told her, and now I am not getting ESA, I’m now waiting to hear the outcome of the mandatory reconsideration. The jobcentre plus people are a waste of time, mind, space, I have never met a bunch of looser mentality set of people in my whole life such as the people in the Streatham jobcentre plus. It’s disgusting, they tell you to ring them,, then they don’t pick up the phone for whole days. They don’t have a size pea brain between them. Why are they even getting paid?

  • Johnathan Michael Walton

    I had my assesment reults back today and told i wasnt eligable because i scored a six. yet when i look on the form the assessor purposley sated i had no cognitiaitive impairment, which i do i have aspergers syndrome. she also assumed that i can read and understand many word because i have a degree, yet i had to explain i can understand official letter r jargon as they are confusing. the assesor said i was capable of eating and drinking on my own, yet i stated i had bulemia nervosia and cystic fibrosis and that i need promting to eat miy foods at times, its a disgrace on how they have come to asses people she even said i walked fine when i struggles walikg and didnt even do the 200 m assesment and she said to me i have a wheeze when i walked but didnt put in the report. i have phoned up the dwp and complained to a line manager and they are getting a person to talk to me as i stated the person who assed me did not have a clue about autism r cf

  • carol Busby

    I have had the reconsideration decision back, it took 6 weeks for them to not do a thing, I told them and my hubby did that he has to deal with dispersing my medication, as ive memory problems and have double dosed before now but according to them my memory id perfect. if only .. my hubby told me that my daughter commented she thinks I have dementia.
    Ive no faith they listen at all.

  • michelle baldwin

    i have just received my pip report, yet again the assessor has taken things out of context, lied and made her own assumptions. i have an adapted motability car, im going to lose my car, what can we do!!!!

  • Brian carney

    I have just sent in a complaint to Atos for exactly the same as the gentleman above. I have MS and struggle with walking and balance. The nurse whom I had the assessment with had said that I drove to the assessment centre on my own (which was a lie, because my wife was with me) she also said I could walk 20-50 metres ‘on a normal day’ this was also rubbish as I have a wheelchair and generally can only walk a few steps to perhaps to bathroom. Because of what she has said the mobility element for PIP has gone to the standard rate and my mobility car has to be returned on 13th September. Hopefully it doesn’t come to this as I have placed an appeal.

  • Yazmin Shah

    Please note:

    Argos do audio recording devices at 19.99 each….you’ll need 2 of these. Audio cassettes are 10.99 from maplins for a pack of five. In total you pay £51 to be able to record your PIP assessments. Worth every penny…..

    Good luck to you all….

  • Chris Neuman

    I had my ESA assesment in March and failed with 0 points, but won with 30 points and special circumstances, at appeal. I now have my PIP assesment coming up, on Monday.
    I learned from the ESA assessment that my assessor lied and distorted truths, i.e. I have to get out of bed because of pain, but she wrote ‘He gets out of bed despite pain’ completely changing the meaning. I did notice however that capita’s website has a complaints section, and I did write telling them how much she had lied and asking if they are aware that people died under ATOS, and would do so under them as well if their employees lied. I also asked if it was true that they are told to fail everyone, to which I received no reply.
    I am taking a friend and a recording device to my PIP assessment, and will publicise the name of the assessor, if she or he lies, together with a recording. When you are ill, you need all the help you can get, and to deliberately fail people is not only wrong but can have devastating consequences.

  • Mark Raynor

    I’ve just read the above account & can only say they were “lucky” – he actually HAD an assessment !

    My friend who is in the Supprt Group for ESA received a letter telling him that he had to attend a face to face assessment (by ATOS).

    He awaited the appointment with bated breath.

    He next received a letter telling him that he had been taken out of the Support Group, and placed in the WRAG (Work Related Activity Group) based on the report from the assessment that he’d attended.

    Slight problem here – he’d never been given an appointment for assessment – certainly had never attended any assessment – and had never even MET let alone be “assessed” by the so-called nurse who’d made a report on his capabilities (or lack of).

    The whole damn thing was total fraud by ATOS.

    This was pointed out in no uncertain terms to ATOS, the DWP and his MP.

    Long story short, within a week of reporting this to his MP he was reassigned to the Support Group.

    How many other people who’re not as capable as my friend has this happened to.

  • Anonymous

    I had a WCA for ESA on October 7th, just after Damian Green announced that certain conditions would be exempt from them (I am under one of those mentioned) yet I still had to go through it, still had the worry of losing my money, which was proven correct, the so called doctor lied on my report to the DWP, barely a word of what she said was the truth, and I haven’t had my ESA since October the 17th, still waiting for word on reinstatement, I put in a MR request a week ago Friday last, the DWP scum claimed they didn’t receive that till last Wednesday (5 days to get an email…yeah, sure) have been in contact with my local MP who has gone to the minister of state for disabled people, even had to approach my county council for financial assistance. Almost forgot to mention, I’ve been put through the crap of MR/appeals on 3 previous occasions, to which my local MPs executive assistant said, and I quote “once I get, but four times? Something isn’t right there” I’m thinking, well of course it isn’t right, how I’ve been treated is an outright disgrace, I’m actually going to take legal action because what that doctor did amounts to fraud by misrepresentation.

  • Ms.L.Han

    I made a claim for PIP In October this year (2016). I received a phone call from PIP on the 28th November saying that I would be receiving an outcome letter from the assessment done and asking if I had any further evidence for them to consider. I was confused and they said that the week prior they had received a report from ATOS about an assessment that was done on the 10th of November. I am completely shocked and have asked that someone call back and explain as I haven’t had an assessment. They said its my name and N.I number and a long profile of the assessment signed by an ATOS employee. I told them it was impossible as I was looking after my son , he was off school that day and IF I had been there my support worker would have also. I’m waiting for a call back of explanation.ATOS are a complete shambolic joke.

  • Anthony Harrington

    My nephew was interviewed for schizophrenia during his worst phase of the disorder.
    The ATOS interviewer claimed they could hear voices in their head too during chats throughout the interview.
    The person only gave their first name and wouldn’t give their second name and had their name tag turned around the other way throughout the whole of the interview.
    When we got home we contacted ATOS HQ and asked for the persons full name, we then checked them out on a google search and low and behold they practice as a “physic and medium” giving regular shows all over the county. “They have a very big website”.

    All though it could be deemed as endearing it wasn’t appropriate.

    The whole system is an utter joke and a farce it needs to go back to DWP employment. ATOS uses subsidiary contractors to do their work.

    They had people at this unit monitoring claimants in the main window of the building ie a young chap in a suit about 20 plus by a window watching all the claimants come into the building through smoked glass windows.

    I noticed the trick with the glass water jug placed at the other side of the waiting room. If candidates are trying to fake physical disability illnesses, that denotes a mental illness of over anxiety in itself.
    I am sure there was a pin hole camera of some kind in the waiting room area and they were monitoring claimants while they kept them waiting.
    “Another trick was following claimants through the doorways from behind and giving directions”.
    We know they get paid a truck of load of money for all these interviews which is why they can afford to use subsidiaries.
    That is why the DWP would rather throw you to them, than give you a paper based assessment.
    Because of the EU out vote, the economy has taken a £100 Billion nosedive, where do you think the cuts will be made and who will be employed to do it.

  • I learned (much to my own distress) over the last year, just
    how cruel and biased the ATO reviews really are. The more I
    read about failed ATOS claims, the more I see how ATOS have been employed by the government to
    handle benefits assessments with supposed ‘professional healthcare assessors’ however many report their reviews were moreover based upon personal
    prejudice and a continuous pressure from managers and the government to submit routine
    refusals to the ESA.

    Most Mandatory Reconsiderations will be turned down, as the assessor only has the ATOS reports to make another judgement upon. Even if you and your GP submit additional medical, clinical and psychiatry reports. The ATOS Decision will still likely be upheld.

    Only after a Mandatory reconsideration ‘routine’ refusal, do you stand any chance of your case being heard fairly.

    I would suggest to anyone who has problems after a ‘rigged ATOS interview’ should start collecting FRESH medical evidence and doctors reports and presenting information to a tribunal for proper assessment. ATOS inherently ‘mislay’ doctors reports.

    I’m also struggling through the same process of claiming ESA and PIP assistance to cope with diagnosed PTSD. A degenerative spinal disorder, chronic IBS, also from the physical and emotional effects of long-term sleep apnoea, a pelvis injury.

    I also recovering from a ‘near-fatal’ assault, that resulted in multiple injuries and more than 165 stitches in my head alone.

    In addition to those debilitating conditions, I have to cope with being forced to drive 160 miles each week to provide transport for my sons specialist needs school.

    I am not legally allowed to drive whilst on my various medications. Every day in order to get some relief, I have to take 250-300mg Tramadol and 60mg daily Cymbalta. Both combined leave me feeling drained and frequently very constipated as a result of the high opiate doses (not good when you have IBS).

    Now here’s where it gets worse, the local authorities will not provide transport for my son, because his school is not in their catchment zone and local authorities near to his school also refuse, as his destination is not in their catchment zone either.

    The social services will not offer assistance and the only resource open to me is the offer of .45p a mile towards petrol. But I have to come up with £40 a week for fuel out of £73 a week to live on as a single parent. Re-enumeration occurs only after I have lived on almost nothing and that’s BEFORE WEEKLY RENT TAX AND UTILITY BILLS.

    To make matters worse, I have to drive eight miles to the Job centre every week (NO PARKING AVAILABLE WITHIN 500 METRES OF JC) in order to sign on JSA. Else my rent and council tax payments will cease. I’m now forced to sign a JSA agreement stating that I am FIT and ABLE to actively prove I am looking for work two days a week, the two days I have remaining to take my supposedly continuous medication.

    To avoid immediate SANCTION (punishment), my JSA agreement forces me to look for work within the ESSEX and London areas, anywhere within a 30 minute drive radius of my home. I am also REQUIRED to seek employment for at least ONE HOUR PAID WORK A WEEK!

    My only option left is to fight my case though to a tribunal and hope with my GP present and conclusive medical proof, the board will see fit to overturn the unfair ATOS and DWP ruling.

    The question then remains, what action should and could be taken against ATOS for falsifying my assessment to a point where the review has become corrupt and inaccurate enough to compromise and misrepresent my health assessment.

  • Paul

    DWP and ATOS are still up to the same tactics on PIP claims. They have
    fabricated most of the information on the assessment and said I score
    only 2 points. I attended with my partner and she and I can both confirm
    ATOS are still Liars. And the DWP are still dismissing peoples claims
    based on their lies. I personally have taken this to a tribunal and have
    proposed ATOS are committing fraud. Seems to be very little or no
    further help available for dealing with this corrupt scheme so really
    hoping someone at tribunal can help. On another note, everyone should
    watch I, Daniel Blake. Those who have ever needed to claim will see a
    familiar picture painted in this film and anyone fortunate enough not to
    had to deal with DWP or make a claim will have their eyes opened as to
    the kind of treatment they can expect should they ever need anything
    back from the system!

  • Paul

    By the way, I created a government petition a month or so
    ago to ask the governement to stop using ATOS but have been too ill to put the
    word out about it but if anyone wants to take a look and possibly sign, it can
    be found here,