Green paper stresses personalisation will be key


The government’s new care and support green paper has placed a strong emphasis on the move towards personalisation of care and support services.
The green paper pledges that a new “National Care Service” would follow the direction set out by the Putting People First programme, which described the government’s plans for the personalisation of adult social care services.
The new green paper says: “We want to continue with the direction that Putting People First defined, and go further.
“Our vision is for a system where people will be able to live their lives in the way they want, supported by the services that they choose.”
It says the new system would “deliver true personalisation”, with services based on “personal circumstances and need”.
Under the new system, an assessment would lead to a personal budget, with people receiving “as much support as they want”, and “people will have the control to get the services they want”.
The green paper says that every eligible person who wants a personal budget should get one under the new system.
It adds: “Thousands of different organisations, and the people who work in them, together will need to deliver a system that is more personalised, meets people’s needs, and can provide a service for everyone who needs it.”
15 July 2009