UN gives strongest clue yet that UK is facing inquiry over ‘violation’ of convention


The United Nations has given its firmest indication yet that it is carrying out a secret, high-level inquiry into serious breaches of its disability convention by the UK government.

Disability News Service (DNS) revealed last August that the UK government appeared to have become the first country to face an inquiry by the UN’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) due to alleged “grave or systemic violations” of the rights of disabled people.

The committee has the power to launch an inquiry if it receives “reliable information” that such violations have been committed by a country signed up to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and its optional protocol.

Because such investigations are conducted “confidentially”, the committee has previously refused to confirm that the UK was being investigated, although a recording emerged [watch from one hour and four minutes]of a former CRPD member revealing the inquiry had been set up.

But this week the secretary of CRPD, Jorge Arraya, gave DNS the clearest indication so far that there was an inquiry and that it was still in progress.

When asked whether the inquiry had been completed, he said: “At this point, as this process is confidential, I am afraid I cannot provide any information.

“Should we be in a position in the future to give you information, we have your contact details.”

When DNS asked when he was likely to be able to provide information, he said: “Apologies, John, I would like to, but it may create unreasonable expectations.”

He declined to comment further.

Picture: United Nations complex by www.WorldIslandInfo.com is licensed under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en

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  • Nick Fourbanks

    Any inquiry that keeps the death of the sick and disabled down is to be welcomed

  • Jason

    The War on Disabled people that was started by New Labour and continued by the condem coalition is a national disgrace.

    • Silvar M Starr

      Don’t forget IDS introducing ridiculous targets to ATOS of around 30% (which he denies) under the Tories..

      • Susan O’neill

        Don’t forget Esther McVey emphatically denying the existence of sanction targets to Dame Begg at an enquiry, only for it to be revealed that there were and are sanction targets.

        • Quis custodiet

          IDS denied it too – then George Osborne put them in the doo doo by saying in his budget that ‘the policy of sanctions is working.’ however there was no statistical evidence to back his claim. Of course the number claiming benefits will be lower if so many are committing suicide. The dead don’t claim benefits, is that what George Osborne meant when he said the policy of sanctions is working?

          Wouldn’t surprise me.

          • Susan O’neill

            Oh yes, I remember now, thanks for reminding me of that one. we’re on the same page.

  • denise clendinning

    It sounds to me that we could have bad news in the future it does not sound very optimistic

  • Robert Moran

    This goverment dont give a damn about human rights thats why they want to oullaw the European Court of Human Rights in the UK

  • Except this inquiry is taking place.

    • squall_loire

      @Hector – Yes, clearly some people WILL “believe anything they read”, because all three examples of EU sanctions that you cited never existed. But do keep reading the Daily Mail, it’s clearly keeping you so very well informed.

      • Ian

        “not so long ago there was there not an EU sanction…”



    • How do you know if it’s secret? Remember a ‘secret’ is after all a ‘secret’
      Would hate if it appeared to be like our repeated investigations into high level paedophile rings.

      • Because of various bits of information I cannot disclose, but also the comments from the UN and particularly the remarks made by the former member of the CRPD that were recorded. It’s secret because they are conducting it in secret, but we just happened to find out about it. If you’re being incredibly semantic, it’s not secret but unconfirmed and taking place behind closed doors, or whatever other phrase you might wish to choose…

  • Denise wilson

    We cannot an must not give up our human rights!!!

  • Jackie Cairns

    The government need investigating full stop.

  • Ezio Savva

    Do you know website to make individual petition complaint to UK about breaching UNCRPD rights? Anyone knows?