Autism guidance should help Scottish schools


New guidance and advice published by the Scottish government aims to help schools and councils meet the needs of children with autism.

The Autism Toolbox was launched at the National Autistic Society Scotland’s (NASS) Daldoch House School and will be sent to every school and education authority in Scotland.

Carol Evans, national director for NASS, said: “The Autism Toolbox is a much needed resource for local authorities, teachers and other professionals who come into contact with individuals with autism. 

“Statistics taken from our Make School Make Sense report highlighted that only 35 per cent of parents of children in mainstream schools are satisfied with the level of understanding of autism across the whole school, with families particularly unsatisfied with secondary school subject teachers’ understanding of autism.”

Adam Ingram, minister for children and early years, said: “The Autism Toolbox will share guidance, experiences and research, from strategic planning and service provision by education authorities through to practical advice for teachers. I am confident that this resource will complement existing practices by local authorities and help ensure that all young people with autism are given more opportunities to progress and enjoy their education.”

The new resource was funded by the Scottish government and developed by the National Centre for Autism Studies at the University of Strathclyde.


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