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By Raya Al Jadir Disabled people have taken part in the 11th annual Blogging Against Disablism Day, sharing their “experiences observations and thoughts about disability discrimination”. Across 18 different areas, ranging from education to art and science, some bloggers shared their own stories of prejudice, while others analysed society’s disablist attitudes. Holly Matthes, a
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By Penny Pepper A small council flat in Leytonstone, nestled on an estate within the posh Victorian town houses; my first London home. It’s 1985 and I’m learning with my best friend Kate the exhausting realities for two wheelchair-users living without any genuine social care. Our fast beloved home help Sandra – sent directly
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The Mental Health Resistance Network considers Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) to be a profound violation of human rights and we regard the use of forced medication to be a violent assault. In the UK we do not inflict physical punishment on convicted criminals yet it is considered acceptable to inject potent chemicals, by force,
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