Research will help disabled people climb the career ladder


The disability campaigning network RADAR has launched new research that aims to discover how disabled high-flyers succeed in their jobs.
The research, Doing Seniority Differently will ask high-achievers what strategies they use and what their employers offer to help them – such as mentoring, peer support or flexible working.
RADAR said that disabled people, and those who experience ill-health and injuries, can face significant barriers – such as the attitudes of fellow employees, company policies and the working environment – in reaching their potential and achieving senior positions.
The charity said many disabled people develop “exceptional capability” in highly-prized skills such as problem-solving, innovation and tenacity.
Liz Sayce, chief executive of RADAR, said: “Disabled people have talent, ambition and potential, which all too often goes to waste. They lack senior disabled role models who have succeeded in their chosen professions.
“This project will bring together the experiences of disabled leaders and managers to ensure that others can follow them up the career ladder.”
To take part in the research, and fill in an online questionnaire, visit

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