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Benefits and Poverty Tracey Lazard sitting behind a table and holding a microphone

Disabled campaigners have welcomed a report by MPs on disability benefit assessments, which they say highlights “serious multiple failures”, but many believe it should have done more to highlight the serious “preventable harm” caused by the system. The report by the Commons work and pensions committee concludes that there is a “pervasive culture of
Activism and Campaigning Delegates listen as a man talks into a microphone

Many of the country’s leading disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) have backed calls for a new, national network to represent user-led groups across England. The conference (pictured) organised by the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA) produced an overwhelming consensus on the need for a new umbrella organisation to represent disabled people and fight for their
Activism and Campaigning Jenny Morris sitting at a table in a conference

A leading researcher and writer has called on disabled people and their organisations to build alliances with other groups hit by the “dysfunctional, unhealthy” economy. Jenny Morris, who helped write the Labour government’s Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People white paper, also said that disabled people should expose the “huge gap” between politicians’