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Benefits and Poverty John McArdle speaking into a microphone

A disabled activist has told a parliamentary committee that the Scottish government should “speak out more forcefully” about disabled benefit claimants who have died as a result of the “fitness for work” test. John McArdle, co-founder of the Scottish grassroots campaign Black Triangle, was giving evidence to the Scottish parliament’s social security committee as
Politics About 30 people standing together, with several holding up One in Five signs

A project that could help boost the number of disabled politicians in Scotland has received funding from the Scottish government. The £35, 305 funding will be used to support disabled candidates standing in the 2016 elections to the Scottish parliament, and prospective candidates for the 2017 local government elections. The short-term project will be
Human Rights

Deaf campaigners have hailed new legislation as an “historic landmark” that will give important new rights to users of British Sign Language (BSL) in Scotland. The BSL (Scotland) bill passed its third stage in the Scottish parliament today (Thursday), with a unanimous vote, and now just needs royal assent before it becomes law. The