ELECTION 2010: Plaid Cymru manifesto


The Welsh nationalist party has pledged in its manifesto to continue its commitment to free care for disabled and older people.

Plaid Cymru says the UK government should transfer the necessary powers to the Welsh national assembly so that it can implement the policy.

The party also pledges to campaign to “abolish the distinction between nursing and personal care”.

The manifesto says Plaid Cymru is opposed to the Welfare Reform Act introduced last year by the Labour government because it “threatens benefit sanctions for those unable to meet unfair and unrealistic government demands”.

The manifesto also includes opposition to the use of “punitive sanctions” for people with severe mental health conditions who claim incapacity benefit and fail to meet certain conditions, and says unemployed people “must be supported into work, consistent with their abilities, capacity and their individual circumstances”.

It also calls for all powers over mental health to be devolved from Westminster to the Welsh national assembly, while pupils with special educational needs should have access to education in the Welsh language.

Plaid Cymru manifesto length:  34 pages

Mentions of the words “disabled”, “disability” and “disabilities”: 1

14 April 2010

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