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Human Rights Liz Carr holds up a sign saying Assisted suicide is not the solution, next to a man holding a sign saying don't give doctors a licence to kill, in front of other protesters

Disabled campaigners have raised concerns that a major conference on “end of life choice” – being organised by the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) – appears to be tilted in favour of speakers who want to legalise assisted suicide. Of speakers lined up to speak at the conference who have previously expressed their views
Human Rights Two wheelchair-users protesting outside parliament, one of them (Dennis Queen) is holding a placard saying 'who will be next', and is wearing a Not Dead Yet UK tee-shirt

Disabled researchers who interviewed both opponents of legalising assisted suicide and those in favour of new laws have found “a surprising amount of common ground” between the two groups. The research, published by the national service-user and disabled people’s network Shaping Our Lives (SOL), found that “oversimplified” media reporting on the complex arguments for
Politics Debbie Abrahams speaking in parliament, with John McDonnell sitting behind her

Labour’s relationship with the disability movement has suffered another blow after the party invited a disabled people’s organisation to speak at a major consultation launch, and then withdrew the invitation after discovering what it was planning to speak about. The party’s shadow work and pensions secretary, Debbie Abrahams (pictured), had asked Greater Manchester Coalition
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