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Benefits and Poverty Undercover footage shows Barham at a desk, with the following words at the bottom of the screen: 'The money? It was ridiculous. I was getting around twenty grand a month most months.'

A disgraced former disability assessor and paramedic has avoided being struck off, despite a tribunal concluding that he made offensive remarks about disabled benefit claimants. Alan Barham was sacked by the government outsourcing giant Capita last year after being exposed by an undercover reporter working for Channel 4’s Dispatches. He later contacted Disability News
Politics Stephen Carre smiling and stroking a black cat

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) civil servants ignored media coverage that exposed how ministers’ policies had led to the deaths of benefit claimants, in a series of confidential reports for their bosses. The DWP Media Evaluation reports, obtained by Disability News Service (DNS) following a freedom of information request, show how the department’s