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Activism and Campaigning Paul Farmer speaking to protesters outside Mind's headquarters

The country’s largest disability charities have been accused of “selling out” disabled people, as they look set to play a significant role in providing back-to-work services under the government’s new Work and Health Programme. Disability News Service (DNS) has contacted seven of the largest disability charities – most of which are not user-led –
Benefits and Poverty A wheelchair-user at a protest holding a placard saying 'You Can't Cut This'

Campaigners say the government’s decision to enforce a freeze on working-age benefits from April – even though older people will see their pensions increase by 2.9 per cent – will further entrench disability poverty. The annual “uprating” of working-age benefit rates were decided last October, and are based on the CPI (consumer price index)
Employment People taking part in Remploy training

Four of the country’s nine specialist residential training colleges for disabled people are facing an uncertain future after the government announced a huge shake-up of specialist employability support. The contracting process, completed in less than 15 working days after years of “discussion and consideration”, saw five colleges succeed with their bids, while the other