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Activism and Campaigning Jackie Driver speaking into a microphone, with some of her words in a box in the corner of the screen

Disability charities must do more to support the disabled activists who are fighting austerity through direct action protests, according to a leading figure in the disabled people’s movement. Jackie Driver, who has chaired the Manchester-based disabled people’s organisation Breakthrough UK for the last 13 years, said that grassroots organisations like Disabled People Against Cuts
Activism and Campaigning Campaigners outside Ofgem with banners

The energy regulator’s “discriminatory” plans to impose only a “very limited” cap on fuel prices will “will lead to deaths, ill health and misery” for hundreds of thousands of disabled people, say campaigners. Fuel Poverty Action (FPA) and Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) have written to Ofgem – with backing from another 30 organisations
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