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Politics George Osborne delivering his budget speech

This week’s budget – which confirmed cuts of more than £1 billion a year to disabled people’s support, while awarding huge giveaways to high earners – has sparked almost universal anger among disabled people. The chancellor, George Osborne, said in his budget speech that the changes to the eligibility criteria of personal independence payment
Activism and Campaigning Jenny Morris sitting at a table in a conference

A leading researcher and writer has called on disabled people and their organisations to build alliances with other groups hit by the “dysfunctional, unhealthy” economy. Jenny Morris, who helped write the Labour government’s Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People white paper, also said that disabled people should expose the “huge gap” between politicians’
Activism and Campaigning Balls2TheBudget banner across Westminster Bridge

Disabled activists halted traffic around Westminster three times in a protest against further government austerity measures, just as Tory chancellor George Osborne was delivering a budget that will slash billions of pounds from disabled people’s support. The #Balls2TheBudget protests began in Whitehall shortly before 11am yesterday (Wednesday) with activists from Disabled People Against Cuts
Politics Protester in wheelchair holding sign saying 'The needy, paying for the sins of the greedy'

Leading disabled figures have warned that the chancellor’s “ominous” failure to mention disability or social care in this week’s budget could be a sign that he plans to target disabled people’s support and services for fresh cuts. George Osborne promised £12 billion-a-year in further cuts from the welfare budget, and £13 billion in other