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The Conservative party is refusing to defend its record in government on disability issues, after declining invitations to take part in three national, disability-related election hustings. While the Tories’ coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, have put up leading politicians to defend the government’s record in two of the hustings – and withdrew from the
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Government plans to restrict how much support any individual can receive through the Access to Work (AtW) scheme are a “huge concern” and will damage efforts to encourage Deaf people to become teachers, lawyers and politicians, campaigners have warned. They spoke out after Mark Harper, the Conservative minister for disabled people, announced further reforms
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The minister for disabled people has been accused of hypocrisy, after announcing the winners of his Accessible Britain awards, despite his own access failings. A leading disabled people’s organisation, Equal Lives, said that Mark Harper should “put his own house in order before preaching to others”. The awards were launched last September, three months
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