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Benefits and Poverty Stephen Carre smiling and stroking a black cat

Disabled activists have called for ministers to face a criminal investigation, over their apparent failure to hand a crucial coroner’s report about the discredited “fitness for work” test to their own independent expert. Earlier this week, a Disability News Service (DNS) investigation revealed that work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith and employment minister
Activism and Campaigning Dennis Queen speaking, while surrounded by police

Disabled activists have explained why they needed to hold the government to account over its “sickening” and “degrading” cuts by protesting outside this week’s Conservative party conference in Manchester. The protest, organised by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), saw disabled people take a central role in the middle of wider anti-austerity protests that took
Benefits and Poverty An Atos sign

Government contractor Atos Healthcare claims it has no idea if a former surgeon whose flawed assessment of a disabled man helped trigger his suicide is still testing people with mental health conditions for their eligibility for disability benefits. Disability News Service (DNS) approached Atos following last week’s revelation that a coroner had demanded government
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